There are thousands of people who would love to have a baby yet they’re unable to have a child of their own. These children deserve to be able to live their life here on earth just like you and I. They deserve to have the first day of school, their first ball game, their first girlfriend all the thing that you and I live live for the things we long to do. Giving this child to someone who can adopt it is the greatest decision you will make, you are allowing this precious gift to enjoy all the wonderful things about this world, they want hate you they will love you and thank you for every breath that they take because you allowed them to be able to take that breath. You do not have to give the baby your whole life just nine months. He will be so happy and love you because you gave him life instead of death.

Abortion is a lose lose situation

  • The baby loses its life
  • You lose: having to live the rest of your life with the fact that you killed your baby
  • The Parents who would gladly adopt your baby loses

Adoption is a win win situation

  • The baby wins by living — the same right that you have today
  • You win:knowing you did the right thing
  • A loving couple wins by fulfilling their dream of raising a child