Any person who has had an abortion can tell you the pain is so severe that you wont to curl up and die they say it is worse than just having the baby alive.they have to tear the baby apart piece by piece,part by part this must hurt the baby more than us, but we don’t care about the baby.”You know that baby (blob)could ruin my life so I’ll just kill it so I don’t have to take responsibility for my actions.” is this not what we say to convince ourselves that it’s okay to have abortions? No matter what we tell ourselves after the abortion there is an empty felling that not even time can heal.That feeling never goes away.  Knowing that you have peace with God is the only way to start to feel that hole slowly close up and once again feel whole again even though the heart ache, the pain and, the grief of knowing you killed your baby not even giving it a chance to look in your eyes so that you can see if it was still a mistake once you look in its eyes,  you will never want to let go I have always heard over 28% of women who have an abortion commit suicide 20% of them were put in a mental hospital for the rest of there life because the cries of that baby take hold on them and they lose control over their mind. About 65% acknowledged denying negative feelings for about 5 years.