PostHeaderIcon A Small Seed

                           A Small Seed
                      I am a seed: I am alive.
                   My mommy is sixteen years old. 
                  My daddy is seventeen years old. 
                   She went to the clinic today, 
           The doctor told her she was going to have a baby. 
           My mommy tells my daddy she is going to have a baby. 
               My mommy is crying. My daddy is screaming. 
                 My mommy loves me: my daddy hates me. 
                Why does he want my mommy to kill me? 
                         What did I do wrong? 
                   My mommy is at the clinic again 
                   This time my daddy is with her. 
              I am cold, I wish I could have seen the world 
              I know my mommy loved me, why couldn't daddy? 
               My mommy's love for my daddy was too strong. 
                       And now I am dead because........ 
               I was a seed and my daddy didn't want me... 

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