I would like to welcome you to the site that I have built to help save our future. I want to dedicate this sight to all the precious lives that have been taken from us by abortion.  There is a baby that looses its life every 97 seconds, that is over 3,700 babies every day. More babies will loose there life today than did on 9-11 one of the most tragic events of this generation. We are loosing our Future one baby at a time this could be our future Doctors, Our Lawyers, Our Nurses what if that one person with the cure for cancer has been killed? Will we ever really know what the lives that have been lost due to abortion could have done for us?

On this site I would like to open your eyes to what really happens behind the closed doors of an abortion Clinic and I would like you to know that there are other ways to go about things, if you don’t feel you can give a baby the life it deserves there is other options out there, there is people to help you to hold you hand and guide you through the whole process!